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The Pinball history goes back to at least the 15th Century when "Outdoor" games were all the rage.

A certain machine would only be popular for a few months, until a more recent and more exciting machine was introduced.

Several pre-1958 Gottlieb single player woodrails allowed the ball player to win from as much as 26 Replays in a single game or for just accomplishing just one feat!

They placed the device in the Palais Royale a San Francisco Saloon, and the coin machanism became an instant success, earning over one thousand dollars the first six months! First while bagatelles were basically tabletop devices, the first true pinball machines came into existence with the addition of legs in 1932. Bally closed it's doors in 1988, selling it's assets to Williams, who continued while using Bally name to release Pinball's until it too closed it's doors. The popularity of the pinball machine rose dramatically throughout the mid to late 1930's in part due to the Depression and the need for low cost entertainment for the masses.

In 1986 Gary Stern started with some partners Data East Pinball.

Rockola's WORLD SERIES and JIG SAW games provided such features. Lights and electric powered sound - two of the most basic yet important elements of all things pinball, became standard features on all games. Because pinball was illegal for so long it became a symbol of youth and rebellion. Just as ingenious though Bally added a simple electric switch to the bumper springs that would be triggered each time the ball hit them. pc pinball The Gottlieb company existed a long of all as a family company: 50 years because it was founded in 1927 and was just sold in 1977 to Colombia Pictures. They helped define the pinball machine as you may know it now in the early years they made mechanical pintables like Baffle Ball. Gary announced that he would take a take a step back and produce "mechanical action" pinball.

Invented by Harry Mabs, the machine had six flippers - three to some side pinball. The tilt tolerance by comparison has always been controlled by a physical device which is adjusted manually and rarely in reaction to user habits! Revenge From Mars and The exorcist games was the attempt by Williams manufacturing to merge video games and pinball formats together. The fact remains that pinball has not lost its appeal and unlike what many adults think, teenagers and students much like me are not close-minded to it. We don't sit at home playing Counter-Strike all day long (in fact I rarely play multiplayer games), we have some other stuff to deal with because some things never change - we want friends, relationships plus some entertainment away from the screen, and when pinball finds its way back to the streets where it belongs, and when a new company like Mr. Pinball Australia pops up with some really good designs (instead of Stern's mediocre license stuff), pinball might be "cool" again!

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